Why DogFood?

Food for wild dogsIn the technology world, a favorite saying is, “We eat our own dogfood.”

The allusion is that the product sold is the same product used in-house – often with lessons of pain, regret, and enlightenment.

In addition to this, as humans when we read books, often there is moment that captures – our thinking process, our imagination, or our belief system. It capture us or engages us – such that we think that is great. But would we do that, or follow that, or believe that — That is completely different.

However, entrepreneurs tend to preach or expound on concept or ideas from other entrepreneurs – It’s just natural.

Given all that, this blog will follow, and expand or expound as the author feels the need. 😉

What you’ll see:

Good Advice, Bad Advice, Stories, Summaries, Polls. Those that mark OUR interest.

Lastly OUR is plural, includes you, the entrepreneur – and not the trolls.

Best of Luck to All of Us

Jesus (Jesse) Monroy, Jr



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