hbr.org – What Entrepreneurs Get Wrong

spilled coffeehttp://hbr.org/2013/05/what-entrepreneurs-get-wrong/ar/1

by Vincent Onyemah, Martha Rivera Pesquera, and Abdul Ali (see bottom)

My comments are in italic in between each point

NOTE: This is a summary (as bait) intended to get you to buy HBR.

After reading this, I wonder if these people even realize what they are talking about. They find great quotes, but they seem to be missing the point of the quote. My reasoning is that a professor or Phd is an entrepreneur afraid to start – often finding too many excuses, but better yet — looking for too many excuses.

In short, the article summary looks like filler.

  1. Starting Late – This paragraph makes my point. The quotes are about needing customers so you can get feedback. I don’t see the connection with starting late.
  2. Failing to Listen – The last quote is unclear. I must be thick.
  3. Offering Discounts – From this point, it appears these entrepreneurs never had a real sales job before attempting entrepreneurship. Maybe they should stick to selling cookies for a while.
  4. Selling to family and friends – We’re not selling girl scout cookies, so this sound like non-sense to me.


Vincent Onyemah is an associate professor of marketing and sales at Babson College, in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Martha Rivera Pesquera is a professor of marketing at IPADE Business School, in Mexico City. Abdul Ali is an associate professor of marketing at Babson College.


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