Entrepreneur Got Skill


TruckerSteveHandsIn 2008 USAToday reported, the United States had more than 3 million truckers. Of which, about 9% (about 300k) are independent. This means by definition they are entrepreneurs – albeit in very narrow market segment with lots of competition; what Guy Kawasaki calls the lower right (SEE: 6. Niche Thyself). Of course, they compete on logistical issues – mostly time and fuel costs. However, to make the most efficient use of resources requires a high degree of skills – not to mention knowing over 3000 rules & regulation, and constantly being watched by 3 law enforcement agencies (SEE BELOW: Trucking is not what is use to be).

You gotta have passion for this. Cause there may be sacrifices (SEE BELOW: Drivers Sacrifice).

Steve is a film maker, a driver, and an entrepreneur. In the YouTube clip just below, near the end of the video clip he:Trucker Steve

  • Demonstrates Skill (~1:14)
  • 180 Degree
  • Blind Side
  • Alley Dock

In laymans terms, this means he is taking a tractor-trailer (over 50ft in length)

  • making a 180 degree turn (essentially put he front where the tail is)
  • makes it on the Blind Side (meaning he is doing it without review-view mirrors)
  • into an Alley Dock(meaning he backs into a very narrow space)

By the way, as he relates in the video, he has:

  • traveled more than 2 million miles driven (It’s 238,900 miles to moon)
  • no accident, incidents or violations (of any kind)
  • perfect CSA (Compliance, Saftey, & Accountability) & DMV (Deparment Motor Vehicle) records
  • and perfect on-time delivery record
Demonstrates Skill – Trucker Steve
TruckerSteve.tv (his YouTube page)
http://truckersteve.org/ (contact form available on his website)

NotWhatItUsedToBeTrucking is not what is use to be – Trucker Steve




Drivers Sacrifice – Trucker Steve


Independent truckers see end of the road – USAToday
http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/money/industries/2008-03-01-truckers_N.htm Posted 3/1/2008
About nine% of the nation’s 3.4 million truck drivers are independent owner-operators, according to the Department of Labor. Without the independents, trucking will turn into a group of “regional and national oligopolies” that would send shipping prices higher when the economy improves, said John Saldanha, who teaches logistics at Ohio State University.



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