How To Do A 30 Second Pitch

Recently, I’ve been to a few local (San Francisco) Pitch Meetups (links below). I’ll put openclipart.org_stopwatchaside delivery issues today in favor of what it should be. This formula should serve you well because it is so generic. Of course, you are welcome to modify, but the point is get the information across. This suggestion should also be familar to fans of Guy Kawasaki. He has said as much on video (Fast forward to: 34:30)

  • “hello”
  • “my name is “
  • “my product is called product name
  • product slogan or tag line (optional)
  • product name (is or does) …
  • thirty (30) seconds are up
  • “thank you for your time.”

Practice it in front of a mirror and time it. 🙂

See @ 34:30

Groups I’ve been to


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