Leading Enterpreneur is a Union Contractor

KeyMarket_redwoodmaplrg2After leaving the tech industry in 2000, I decide to work for a local family-owned grocery store. Becoming the unpaided union shop steward a few years later, taught me alot about the valuable work provide by good union workers.

On Thursday of last week, I ran into this great story at the Peet’s in Castro Valley. Someone had left a print copy of the IBEW Union Member trade sheet. To me it pointed out that knowing-the-work-done is the backbone to the 5 levels of Leadership. It this case, it is central to the business.IBEW_newsPrint

IBEW’s Solar Power in California


With only $2,500, an old Ford Ranger pickup and some power tools, Sullivan put out his shingle. Twelve years later, Sullivan Solar is the largest solar-only contractor in southern California and the 10th fastest growing energy company in the country in 2013, according to Inc. Magazine.


The skill of his workforce has been central to his marketing strategy as well.


“Too many contractors think price is all that matters, but not everyone is a Wal-Mart shopper. Really, most aren’t, but I knew that I would still need the most compelling presentation customers had ever seen to teach them what quality meant and why it was important,” Sullivan said. “I was using my knowledge as a journeyman inside wireman as a sign of quality.”

Sullivan Solar House Example

Sullivan Solar Power installed a 10,841W #solar power system at the Lombroso residence which saves them $540 a month!




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