The Top 20 Angel Investors with narrowed down a host variables. They open with:

We analyzed over 2000 angel investors on factors such as network strength, rate of follow-on investment, # of exits, brand and more.

Then they create three (3) lists.

  1. Top angel investors by Network Centrality
  2. Top angel investors by Follow-On Rate
  3. Top angel investors by Investor Mosaic
  • Network Centrality literally means how many people they know and how well are they connected.
  • Follow-On Rate means how well they were able to get additional funding.
  • Investor Mosaic includes when they entered and how they exited. In other words, how go could they guess on a startup.

The links below to Angels open to Wikipedia, go to the blog article to get more information.

The top five (5) for each list

Network Centrality

  1. Alexis Ohanian
  2. Max Levchin
  3. Garry Tan
  4. Marc Benioff
  5. David Tisch

Follow-On Rate

  1. Bobby Yazdani
  2. Larry Augustin
  3. Matt Coffin
  4. Ashton Kutcher – yes the actor
  5. Gil Penchina

Investor Mosaic

  1. Naval Ravikant
  2. Joshua Schachter
  3. Paul Buchheit
  4. Jason Calacanis
  5. David Tisch
The Top 20 Angel Investors
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