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The answer to the question is Yes. I’m busy with my project now that I have funding, but I will try to do at least two blog posts a week.


Advertisements – Top 100 Crowdfunded things

Lately, crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter, indiegogo, & others have been taking up headlines in the tech industry. They have become a source of democratization of our economy. However, someday people will contend the illuminati are behind it all. In either case, the links below work as pointers to its previous success.

How The Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies Raised Major Money

Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

published November 2013

4 Famous Crowdfunding Fails

posted October 24, 2013

  1. New York City Opera – Kickstarter – $1M/$303K
  2. Ubuntu Edge Phone – Indiegogo – $32M/12.8M
  3. Melissa Joan Hart’s Romantic Comedy – Kickstarter – $2M/$51K
  4. Zosia Mamet’s Music Video – Kickstarter – $32K/$2.7K

Topic: Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

John Stroppa’s Alternate Funding Strategies

On July 21, 2014, John and about a dozen persons meet in the classroom at HackerDojo. Starting promptly at 6pm, a few people were late. None-the-less, John pressed through giving his experience – drawn from his successes and exits in the video game industry in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

John outlined six (6) methods for capital besides bootstrapping or venture (or seed) capital, in short — without giving up equity.

    1. Strategic / Ecosystem or platform monopsony – in which a player needs a product or service by which they can continue to enhance their market position. An example is a search engine for walled gardens. A9, for example, started as a generic search engine, now it’s largest customer and investor is Amazon.
    2. Sponsored – sponsoring is a great to jump start a business. In this model another company or organization would pay to use your product for a demo or publicity event. For example, Coca-Cola might use your telepresence avatars for an international youth event.
    3. Factored – With this method, it does feel a bit like a pre-sale, but infact the money is fronted on expected sales. Also other terms are given, such as early exclusive sale or access to the product for a given period. An example would be a retailer that expects to sell other products with the early release of a game. As such, money fronted is drawn from the pre-sale until the money is “factored” back. You could also see it as a loan, payed back from sales.
    4. Philanthropic – An example of this is a large event being sponsored by a philanthropic organization that decides it needs some sort of unique service, such as an online game.
    5. OEM/White label – create a generic product for an industry. A good idea is doing want ads for electronic magazines, or monthlies that have turned to the web; such as trade magazines.
    6. Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcingkickstarter, indiegogo, fundable

Google: Crowdfunding lists –, kickstarter, indiegogo,, causes, giveforward, crowdrise, fundly, firstgiving, fundrazr Top 10 Crowd funding websites kickerstarter, indiegogo, crowdfunder, rockethub, crowdrise, somolend, appbacker,, quirky (AngleList is not a crowdfunding website contrary to what the article implies.)

Places to eat in the Greater Silicon Valley

Don’t Yelp! Just enjoy the food and locality. These are places I have personally visited.

  • House_ofPrimeRibHouse of Prime Rib – SF – The only place to get dry-aged USDA Grade Prime – prime rib. Want it rare? No problem. Want it well done? Ask for the end-cut. Want fish, burger, or pasta; go somewhere else. This place has prime rib, mashed or baked potato, creamed spinach, french bread. You’ll need a doggy bag for the “King Henry VIII Cut”. And if you want liquor it’s available. This *IS* a civilized place. Open daily for dinner till 10pm.
  • LouiesBarLouie’s Bar – SF – Wade recommends the bourbon BBQ burger, and a beer, of course. This is a man cave, but chicks visit it too. Margaritas what are those?
  • MainStreet_Roaster_200x200Main Street Coffee Roasting Company – Redwood City – coffee hand-roasted daily in small batches. The roaster, Bob, learn from the guy that started Peet’s. It is *the* best coffee in the bay area. Mona the restaurateur and baker excellent, runs the front room. She’s up at 3am to make the best scones in town. The daily menu includes a new omelette every day. The french toast comes with real maple syrup. It is great; but it’s not available Saturdays. There is an outdoor patio – in the back. Closed Sundays and some holidays.
  • JansDeliJan’s Deli – Menlo Park – A fresh turkey is roasted daily. Not, a turkey ball, not a turkey breast, the whole turkey. It is the best turkey sandwich in the bay area. It’s blocks from SRI. There is a outdoor patio – in the front. Open for lunch, closes by 4pm weekdays; closed Sundays and some holidays.

Some bourbons you might want to try, if you can find it.

Pappy Van Winkle, The Bourbon So Popular Even Billionaires Can’t Find It
Kentucky’s Case of the Missing Bourbon