Treps, identify your fellow entrepreneur via social media in seconds.

Von Trips at 1961 Dutch Grand PrixTreps is an app to verify your fellow entrepreneur via social media in seconds. Available on Android, iOS, and your webbrower.

To use the service, you’ll need to give us your twitter name, then we’ll ask Twitter to verify you; we can then perform services for you.

Collect and store all the twitter handles you encounter in a day. We will store this as private information for you. Only will have access to this secure and encrypted database you create.

You can use this service to quickly look person you find. You can also use our service at conventions where you can quickly validate your entries and download your data.

And since we are only reading the public information we can also store information on your favorite celebrity, politicians, or stars.* This way you don’t have to clog your phone.

* Storing other people’s information may be subject the rules of that social media provider. Ask us for details.

This product is being prepared for the 2017 Launch Festival, held April 6-7 in San Francisco California.


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