Defeat Cheaters – Gadzookery, Zook Words, and your friends

Hey All,

KickStarter Screen For Zook Words

KickStarter Screen For Zook Words

My friend Simon Brooks has kickstarted a variation on his iPhone game Gadzookery™, it’s called Zook Words™. Yep, we are putting it on Kickstarter. If we raise $11.4k, we’ll be going to the Mojave desert to get this done – HacktusJack. The largest feature we are adding is – defeat the cheatpacks.


Bunch of ScallyWags

If you’ve got friends or family that play On-line Scrabble™ or Words with Friends™ and they’re tired of CHEATERS, then let them know we are on their side. Then ask them if they’d like to bid “Anarchy in the Desert” or “Jack Rotten”.

Simon just got written up on the London Guardian/Observer. Look about halfway down for a picture of him, his Lexus and his dogs:

Silicon Valley: an army of geeks and ‘coders’ shaping our future

Yes, we’ll be hacking in the desert. So, kick us so other hackers can be encouraged to do this, and maybe we can do a burning man for code – HacktusJack!


Where we’re heading.




If you are wondering about me, I’m on the top right of that first picture. – Jesse

$25 or more

HactusJack, ANARCHY IN THE DESERT – All backers at this level and above will receive a HactusJack message in a bottle. ● It’s an 8oz glass corked bottle that we’ll add some sand and a note of thanks signed by all the team. We’ll add a numbered HacktusJack label on the bottle. Then when Zook Words is super massive, you’ll own a piece of word nerd gaming history!

$250 or more

JACK ROTTEN – You get both a special edition 36″ x 54″ luxury rolled canvas artwork, and a HacktusJack Anarchy in the Desert message in a bottle. ● *We’ll be photographing and videoing clips from our desert trip. Our favorite shot will be used for the special edition design, which will be recreated by Jared to the style of the orange and purple desert drawings that we’ve shown on our rewards poster.