Where have I been?

The "Prickly Pear" is a favorite of my Mother. It is fruit for this part of the world

The “Prickly Pear” is a favorite of my Mother. It is fruit for this part of the world

Today is the first day in months I had a chance to write. My last real post was about two months ago. Around that time my mother had receive her bankruptcy settlement.

To give you some detail, late in 2008 – during the housing implosion – one of the rental properties my parents own was going in the “higher percentage rate”; previously known as “balloon payments”. The consequence was a court fight between the parties that own the property. That in turn lead to bankruptcy. To say the least, it was stupid – real stupid. At this point, my mother has lost her house of 30+ years, two crappy rentals remain – that the bank refused to take in bankruptcy, but still wants it’s money. And we are living in El Paso, Texas.


Click on the image to find out more about the factories that border both countries.

In the meantime, I have come to find out that El Paso (and it’s twin city across the border – Ciudad Juárez) is the 22nd largest metropolitan area in the United States; and it is the third fastest-growing metropolitan area. It has an International Airport and three (3) Border crossing. The factories across the border, known as Maquiladoras, provide one of the largest economic bases in the area, second only to “West Texas Crude“. In short, El Paso, despite it’s relatively average income, is very profitable area of the US. In addition, it is one of the earliest North American possession for Spain.


New Blog Post Wednesday

The answer to the question is Yes. I’m busy with my project now that I have funding, but I will try to do at least two blog posts a week.


New Header Page

In the bottom of the header, is the menu. On the right side is a new menu item. It’s called PodCasts Reviewed.

By enlarge, I’ve found these podcasts sadly lacking; either promotionalfests or kumbaya. I will list the individual one I have listened to, but rest assured there is little for the entrepreneur. Nothing the less, this page exists, if you have any interest in the segment or the speaker.

However, if I do find something interesting, I will blog it.


What’s Coming Up

I’m a bit torn with how many posts a week to do. Any feedback appreciated.

Whats coming upI have material for three (3) a week, but I thinking two (2) would give me a better buffer.

I have five (5) on Guy Kawasaki, many may have seem these. One (1) for YCombinator & one (1) from entrepreneur online magazine, many may have seen this recently.

In the hopper I have:

  • Kevin Hillstorm – Blogger/Guru of Merchandising, formerly with Nordstrom
  • Reid Hoffman – VC & founder of Paypal
  • John Taffer – of TV fame Bar Rescue

Also for later:

  • Famous Quotes
  • Phrases & Terms used in the industry